Collaborative Learning: Women and Daughters & Sons

Opportunities For Collaborative Learning

Evolving feminine wisdom comes from a renewed effort toward understanding our female bodies, reflecting on our earthly experience, and communing with other women. Working with the relationships within our personal biography, feminine physiology, and earthly rhythms provides a platform for us as women to share our wisdom.

We, as women, have been taught to be invisible in so many ways. The feminine qualities available to both women and men – heart logic, interdependent perception, empathy, and intuition – continue to be lacking in the world. Celebrating each other along life’s path, especially at significant points, honors our journey.

Two examples for girls and women are the rite of passage at the onset of puberty and rites of passage after turning 60 years old (or after menopause). These ceremonies give women an opportunity to be recognized and celebrated in family and community at these significant times in life. The young woman is recognized as a valuable part of the community and has something unique to offer. The elders are honored for all that has been accomplished in our lives as they look toward a new phase in life.


It is my experience that adolescents are healthiest in a community environment that is filled with feminine warmth and support and men who understand. Toward this end, I continue to be available to lead Women‘s Circles in preparation for Women/Daughters Circles that educate with warmth the journey from childhood to maidenhood. This can lead to a beautiful Adults Celebrating Youth celebration at the beginning of maidenhood.

Gatherings for Women and Girls

The following Workshop Series provide education and nurturing for women and girls:

Healing Woman to Welcome the Maiden

Open to all women in the community. The circle is created so that each woman may share parts of their journey as woman coming together in a safe, artistic space. There are opportunities to learn from each other. The experience helps us toward building a foundation in the community so that we can support girls in celebration of becoming young women.

The purpose is to share biographies, share our fears and hopes for the maidens, discover the Menstrual Matrix, and review the female fertility cycle. It is a process for self-reflection and sharing as well as preparation for participation in subsequent circles.

Woman-Maiden Circles

These workshops are for a specific age group of girls and any of the women that participated in the first circle of women. The circles create a safe place for women to share their wisdom and experiences with each other and girls preparing for maidenhood. The different Woman-Maiden Circles focus on the age appropriate stages of development and education. Doll making is an integral part of these circles. Subsequent circles to continue exploring themes that arise from previous circles are also available.

All workshops will engage our memories, thoughts, feelings, hands, and hearts through artistic activity, contemplation, listening and conversation.

Women and Maiden Circle – 9 & 10 Years Old

As women, we will come together to share our puberty in a playful way and engage the girls in conversation. We will discuss puberty, look at stages of the female life cycle, present an overview of the moon time, and give a history of menstrual products.

Women and Maiden Circle – 11 & 12 Years Old

As women, we will come together to share more of puberty in a playful way and engage the girls in conversation. We will discuss puberty, look at stages of the female life cycle, the female fertility cycle, and discuss menstrual products.

Women and Maiden Circle – 13 & 14 Years Old

As women, we will come together to review the female fertility cycle, share some of our adolescent experiences, explore cultural and parental morals that affect self-image, and discuss personal boundaries & dating.

A Women’s Workshop is possible with a minimum of five participants. A Women/Maiden’s Workshop is possible with five women and five girls. It is best not to mix the ages in the Circles. Each workshop is usually 10:00am to 3:00pm with a one hour lunch break. A fee of $35 for Women and $45 for a Woman and a Maiden is asked to cover materials.

Mother’s Exploratory Conversation Supporting Sons

Through discussing adult modeling and determining the needs of our sons along with YOUR agenda, we can discover ways to support and nurture our youth across the important threshold from childhood to young adulthood.

Gather together a minimum of four women for the conversation. Fee dependent on content to be explored and length of conversation.

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