How to begin. Anything and everything is possible. Whether you know exactly the mood and themes that represent how you share this event with friends and loved ones or you want to work with someone who can help you visualize your perfect wedding, I am here for you.

Maybe a Garden wedding with a handful of guests or a destination wedding. I will help you navigate every aspect of planning and production. You may want me to hold a sacred space to facilitate the exchange of vows and that’s enough.

The uniqueness in my work comes from my love of costume, born out of time spent supporting theatrical productions which gives me a unique ability to create mood and theme. My experiences in event planning and facilitation, floral design, dance, painting, jewelry and sculpture find expression in everything I do. Beauty and grace speak clearly in every setting and space I create. I honor the opportunity to witness and uniquely celebrate this threshold event that touches you and your community.

Make Your Nuptials As Incredible As You And Your Partner Are

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