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First Edition
ISBN 978-1-64970-327-9
Linda Knodle Coming of Age Press


Intuitive Astrology, the Tarot, and the Feminine Spirit

Boxed Set: 74 beautifully hand drawn original Tarot cards and a 158 page detailed companion guide with drawings and charts.

SkyBlu confronts and corrects millennia of patriarchal society’s denial and rejection of Goddess and animist cultures’ guidance of human civilization. She integrates her research and practice of Tarot with her longstanding commitments to fresh approaches in astrology, new understandings of human development, and advances in holistic systems of energy balancing. The objective of her work is to promote personal and spiritual growth in the now.

For more details see A New Tarot!



First Edition 2020
ISBN 978-1-64970-331-6
Linda Knodle Coming of Age Press

Coming to the Threshold,

Conversations on our Relationship to Death Workbook

The content of this workbook is adapted from fifteen one-hour public conversations hosted by the author with the Web of Life Sanctuary in Tucson, Arizona. The first four conversations, February 6th & 20th and March 4th & 18th 2020 were held in person at the Sanctuary as a circle. The original series was scheduled for eight bi-weekly sessions. Some of the topics included examining our relationship to death, to grief and loss; information about palliative and hospice care, and a historical review of funeral practices in the USA. We also looked at the basics for what is needed to make the end of life decisions. The goal by the end of the original eight week plan was for each of us to complete our legal end of life documents.

Half way through the series, we had to institute protocols for health safety and shift to on-line sessions, and address the changing needs of the community. I began weekly sessions on April 1st and went through June 17th, totaling 11 conversations. We discussed Covid-19 and death, compared Sigmund Freud and Matthew McCullough, looked at myth with the Caribou Inuit, and discussed Joseph Campbell’s relationship to death through the Power of Myth. We tackled Do Funeral’s Matter? in the book of that name by William G. Hoy. We reviewed the essay, The Coronation, by Charles Eisenstein. During the last two sessions, we dug deep into end of life decision making and focusing on every detail so that all decisions and legal documents could be completed.

This workbook includes all the resources and document forms you will need to make an end of life plan. There are questions to consider that address the discussion for each conversation. At the end of each of the last eleven conversations, I presented a visualization/meditation to close the session. There are six visualizations also included. 

Rites of Passage


Third Edition
ISBN 978-1-4276-5151-8
Linda Knodle – Coming Of Age Press


The workbook format introduces ideas and then asks the individual or group questions related to the ideas to stimulate conversation. In this way, a unique and specific ceremony may be created. This booklet begins with a brief summary of the elements in indigenous ritual, a comparison between ritual and ceremony and the differences of culture in the past and the present.

Self-development, creating community and modern culture and nature are discussed. The next section of the booklet works through new rites of passage for teens, adolescent and adult roles, and trusting the question. There are two actual examples toward the back of the booklet, a ritual and a ceremony. Lastly, there is a summary titled, Creating a Rite of Passage for any Initiate, and two different outlines addressing elements of ceremony.

This booklet provides clear comparisons between a rite of passage and ceremony. It presents the historical elements of rites of passage for indigenous cultures. Sequential outlines for group discussion can lead a couple, family or community in creating a unique ceremony including; births, adoptions, rites of passage, weddings, acknowledgments, elder ceremonies, deaths and more.

Reflections on self-development, modern culture and nature supportthe creation of ceremony. This booklet also includes step by step guidance for developing content, facilitation and participation in creating ceremony. The thread throughout the work speaks to supporting our youth through ceremonial initiation by which we welcome and honor them into adult heart centered community.


Third Edition
ISBN 978-0975189-1-1
Linda Knodle – Coming of Age Press


This teacher’s guide gives an opportunity for both student and teacher to address the social, emotional and spiritual questions that arise in every human being at puberty. It provides discussion, reflection, experience, and artistic expression in support for meeting many of the challenges of teens. It is a comprehensive education about the social issues in our North American culture and a detailed explanation of the physiology of the reproductive organs and processes. This book contains color and black and white illustrations with detailed instructions and resources to present fifteen complete lessons, 110 pages.

I believe it is important to develop an atmosphere of openness, investigation and trust in a classroom in order to delve deeply into topics that touch upon the essence of what makes us truly human. During the first week of this curriculum, the Human Fertility lessons allow the students to inquire into the retrospective efforts of parents and teachers in their community. It builds shared experiences and draw upon the wisdom of adults seeking to foster the teen’s adolescent development. Students explore the relationships of cultural, familial and personal history with regard to pubescence and adolescence. Discussions take place surveying the opportunities and challenges facing today’s youth in America through discussion and presentations by the students of current cultural images & messages. Lessons investigate stereotyping and gender bias.

The lessons of the second and third weeks help the students discover the signs of puberty common to both boys and girls. Puberty includes the changes socially, physically, in the soul & intellect. Out of this groundwork a discussion ensues covering the growth and development of the creative cycle in the female human being. The students receive a thorough presentation of the organs and processes of the reproductive systems of the male and female. The first three months of human embryology is also briefly presented. The students are challenged to reflect on when they think human life begins. The lessons conclude with a discussion about genetics and bioengineering and the moral, ethical and legal problems that arise from these topics.

Appropriate for 10 – 12 year olds (Grades 4 – 7). Contains fifteen two-hour lesson plans.


Third Edition
ISBN 978-1-934733-11-0
Linda Knodle – Coming of Age Press


Lessons for Middle School Issues grew out of the Human Fertility teacher’s guide developed for the seventh grade. It strives to provide some of the life skills and knowledge needed by eighth graders looking toward high school. It is clear to me that many students in middle school have a lot of misconceptions about the facts of sex, harassment, peer pressure and a host of topics tackled in this curriculum. I work in the classroom with these themes and believe our youth need knowledge and life skills that build self-awareness, self esteem and social skills. The book contains detailed instructions for preparation and delivery of fifteen lessons. The individual lessons are attended by resources, interview questionnaires and role playing scenarios. Carefully crafted, all the material in this book could be presented as faculty and parent education.

The first four lessons bring the students to some facts and experiences that encompass the threshold of truly becoming an individual. We look at the elements of an individual and that individual’s relationship to the other. The lessons show that success and self esteem is more likely if one works consciously. We sequentially dive deeper into the building of moral character and decision- making through real life scenarios played out by the students in modern day culture. We acknowledge the earthly life, the inner life and the spiritual life. The curriculum brings them to an understanding that maturity develops through experience and education and that adults have wisdom and experience valuable to them. During this first week a series of interviews take place between the students and adults to bring this evidence to the student.

The next six days are quite intimate. We explore self image, peer pressure, levels of human relationship, intimacy, and personal boundaries. Together, we define love, romanticism, sensuality, sexuality, sex, choices, boundaries, and commitment.

The third week we develop an understanding of want constitutes sexual harassment, addiction, eating disorders, & depression. The students share research of different legal and illegal drugs & alcohol including chemical makeup and the physical, social & emotional effects of their use. Finally, students discuss their points of view concerning the etiquette of telephone, cell phone and computer.

Appropriate for 13 – 14 year olds (Grades 8 – 9). Contains fifteen two-hour lesson plans.


Audio Recording in CD Format

Keynote Address at Waldorf in the Home Conference
by Linda Knodle

Sexuality is a personal, physical, cultural and spiritual journey that lasts our entire lives—and one that can cause parents of teens a great deal of confusion and concern. Linda shares ways of exploring our own biography and values, as well as insights into child and adult development that can support us as we parent and educate our children from preschool through young adulthood, about sexuality.


Those of us who have used Human Fertility have found it very important to have teaching tools that reflect warmth, humor, creativity and playfulness, as well as scientific accuracy.

Both the Wondrous Womb and the Spectacular Sperm teaching aids have also been used in adult workshops and seminars as well as teacher trainings and parent evenings. They are invaluable for creating interest in the students and for providing instruction.



Boxed Set: 74 beautifully hand drawn original Tarot cards and a 158 page detailed companion guide with drawings and charts.

The ORIGINAL Wondrous Womb

The ORIGINAL Wondrous Womb Kit


(includes all materials, patterns, & instructions)

Completed ORIGINAL Wondrous Womb


The womb kit contains red felt for the body of the womb and ovaries; red floral cotton fabric for inner womb and ovary; a small piece of white chiffon for the cervix; red, pink and white small fabric flowers, several sizes of white pearls, red and white ribbon to decorate the womb, a small piece of white lace netting and a small piece of red netting; stuffing to fill the womb; a piece of red broadcloth to fashion a pouch for the completed womb. Complete instructions, patterns, and a black and white drawing of the completed womb are included.

The soft sculpture is sewn by hand and can be completed by ages 12 and up. You will need a pair of scissors, red thread, and a needle. The womb is approximately 10 inches in diameter. (see Human Fertility)

The ORIGINAL Spectacular Sperm

The ORIGINAL Spectacular Sperm Kit


(includes all materials, patterns, & instructions)

Completed ORIGINAL Spectacular Sperm


The sperm kit contains enough materials to complete three sperm. There are two sheets of patterns, instructions and a color photograph of the three completed sperm; one piece of blue felt and one piece of white felt for the bodies; one piece of red felt used for overlays; stuffing to fill the sperm; a small piece of gold felt and a length of gold braid for decoration.

The soft sculpture is sewn by hand and can be completed by ages 12 and up. You will need a pair of scissors, blue, red and gold thread and a needle. Now includes material for a Spectacular Sperm Sac. (see Human Fertility)

Seasons of the Woman’s Fertility Cycle

Women's Fertility Cycle - products
Created by Linda Knodle


A beautiful full color 11X17 print which may be used as a teaching aid for the Human Fertility Curriculum.

A Wonderful Way To Facilitate Conversation

5″ Corn Maiden Doll Kit


11″ Sun Maiden Doll Kit


6.5″ Moon Fairy Doll Kit


These dolls are perfect to make with girls while explaining the physical, social and emotional changes at the different stages of development. All materials and instructions are provided to make each doll. Skin tone is available in either pink or brown.

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