A divorce ceremony is a mindful honoring of the rite of passage that divorce represents. 

A carefully crafted ceremony created in a safe space for an individual, couple, or family with or without friends can be an important part of your healing journey. It comforts children that Mom and Dad will always be their parents and always be a family. 

It can be an encouraging time to reassure yourself that broken hearts will heal and that each one is still worthy of love.

Divorce ceremony rituals can be as varied and unique as the individual or couple being honored. If friends or other family members are included it can be a way for them to heal as well. It explicitly acknowledges the divorce and the fact that each party is moving on and allows others to support each member of the couple. Some ideas for a ceremony: candles to represent the past, present and future; vows given, especially with children, which brings a commitment for a harmonious future; special music, memorabilia to represent a fond memory.

What I offer is the possibility of healing for you by creating a personalized divorce ceremony to mark this traumatic rite of passage, to help you honor the time spent in marriage and to move, with hope, into a re-formed future.

Honor This Moment With The Healing Process You Deserve

Let Linda Knodle Perform A Personalized Divorce Ceremony