Disposition Ceremonies

A Final Goodbye To Your Loved One

As I mentioned on my page about Memorials, if needed, I have information to share about the various issues involved in disposing of the body of a loved one by traditional burial, “green”burial, or cremation. If a loved one left instructions for their disposition, I can help you follow the plan. If, however, no planning was done, I can help you choose the type that suits your needs and desires without being tied to a particular type.

The peaceful return of the body to the earth, no matter what form is chosen, is the ultimate goal. Sensitivity to the opportunities present during this time can bring lasting peace and closure.

Traditional Funerals

Traditional funerals usually include two processes. First, a family and/or a community event is held, which includes a religious ceremony like a Catholic mass or Protestant service, or a memorial service in a funeral home, church or residence. The body of the loved one may or may not be present.

Second, the disposition of the body must be completed by law. If a graveside internment in a cemetery is selected, the body must first be embalmed, casketed and sealed, then placed in the cemetery vault in the ground before it is buried.

Green Burial

When a green burial is wanted, the body may be placed in a wood or wicker casket, or a shroud, and laid directly in the ground in a green burial site (for example, Greenacres Memorial Park.) These memorial parks make a beautiful setting for memorials and disposition ceremonies.

More commonly today, the loved one’s body is sent to a crematorium.


Cremation of a human body takes two to four hours at temperatures ranging from 1,400° to 2,100° F. It is possible to attend and create a ceremony in some crematoriums for the journey of the body transforming by fire into ashes.

Later, the family may want to create a ceremony to release the ashes of their loved ones. The choices must be legal and carried out respectfully.

For many, attending the disposition of the body may bring closure and a final farewell. Final honoring and prayers can help with the grieving process.

If your loved one left instructions for their disposition, I can support you with understanding how to carry out their wishes. If they didn’t, we may create just the right ceremony to recognize the loss of a dear one and send them on their way.

Say Goodbye To Your Loved One With Dignity

Plan A Disposition Ceremony To Honor Their Body's Passage