Celebrate Change & Uniqueness

The benefit of ceremony is an open statement of gratitude toward life. It says to the universe and all those living and inanimate within it, “I appreciate you; I love you”.

It is also about birth, death, and re-birth. Acknowledging that an old way of life is no longer and a new transformed way of being is celebrated.

Life’s Celebrations

These include (but not limited to):

I can also facilitate supportive services such as venue, flowers, catering, photography and more.

Over time, the beautiful memories from these ceremonies weave together, creating a fabric of honor, respect, and love of life’s journey- from birth, through death. They become the basis of our community.

I draw on my broad artistic background, years teaching youth and adults, and the continuous pursuit of the wisdom of indigenous people. My love of costume, born out of time spent supporting theatrical productions, gives me a unique ability to create mood and theme. 

My experiences in event planning and facilitation, floral design, dance, painting, jewelry, and sculpture find expression in everything I do. Beauty and grace speak clearly in every setting and space I create. I honor the opportunity to witness and uniquely celebrate these threshold events that touch all of us.

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