Pre-Nuptial Bride/Groom Blessing

can be during a Bridal Shower or Pre-Wedding Gifting Party

The tradition for a Bridal Shower came out of the 17th century, and was hosted by varied economic classes.

Some showers were given to support a bride-to-be because she didn’t have a dowry to bring to the marriage. This may have been either because her family did not have the funds, or the father withheld support. Gifts from friends and family allowed the grace of perhaps a wedding dress and contributions to setting up house.

Showers were also given so that guests could bring gifts that support the traditional role of homemaker, family cook and sexual partner. These parties were strictly for women.

Several ways of approaching this tradition in modern day are possible. The guests for a Bride-to-be shower can be women, men and children and include games, stories of the bride, food and drink and toasts. As the party winds down, many of the women may gather in a circle lead by the celebrant to honor the bride-to-be in a more intimate way. Or, a circle may be called to invite only women friends and family separate from a community Bridal Shower. Because of our unique potential to give birth, sisters, aunts, mothers and grandmothers as wives have wisdom to share in a safe space during this sacred pre-nuptial time. There is also the possibility to design a custom, unique ceremony.

Not all brides are women, and grooms may also want a pre-nuptial gifting party with friends and family. Let’s see what we can create together!

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