Celebrate A Significant Birthday

There are many reasons to choose to celebrate a particular birthday with extended family or in a community celebration.

Significant birthdays can be on the decades or birthdays in a year that coincide with a major transition or shift in one’s life. The main purpose is to honor the person for their past contributions and wish them a healthy and joyous future.

Like all ceremonies, there are basic elements that a celebrant may bring to the festivities. Prayers, blessings, opportunities for participants to contribute in honoring the guest.

Take this 100th birthday party, for example. Fifty guests gathered at a rented space, where the male guest of honor’s dream Hawaiian-themed party was set up. There was even a hula dancer at the party! The theme carried on through the decorations and food, and even to the music, where a musician was accompanied by a professional dancer who performed hula and Polynesian dances. We even had a few family members join in, playing the ukulele and singing along!


A Hawaiian-themed 100th birthday party

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