Adults Celebrating Youth

Acknowledging The Transition Between Childhood And Adolescence

When the physical signs of puberty begin to manifest, increased intellectual capabilities also become gradually available and the heart completes its growth. The feeling (soul) of life is now conscious and more stimulated.

During adolescence, the big questions of life begin to surface and the adventure of becoming an individual personality begins. Experiencing this period of time during pubescence and adolescence brings a conscious metamorphosis for each human being. If family and/or community do not acknowledge these changes, the youth will provide their own initiation into adulthood.

This is the exact time for a rite of passage celebration that educates, honors, initiates, and celebrates youth becoming adults. This celebration can include artistic preparations made by the participants and/or host adults prior to the day of the ceremony. A feast – large or small – concludes the custom ceremony.

Celebrate Your Youth's Transition Into Adulthood

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