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First Edition
ISBN 978-1-64970-327-9
Linda Knodle


Intuitive Astrology, the Tarot, and the Feminine Spirit

Boxed Set: 74 beautifully hand drawn original Tarot cards and a 158 page detailed companion guide with drawings and charts.

A completely original and newly interpreted divination system. This Tarot is grounded in ancient wisdom. Engaging this system is a way to reflect on one’s past, discover one’s self in the present and support self and others to explore personal gifts, challenges and ways to access one’s earthly path.

SkyBlu confronts and corrects millennia of patriarchal society’s denial and rejection of Goddess and animist cultures’ guidance of human civilization. She integrates her research and practice of Tarot with her longstanding commitments to fresh approaches in astrology, new understandings of human development, and advances in holistic systems of energy balancing. The objective of her work is to promote personal and spiritual growth in the now.
For those new to Astrology and/or Tarot, the first three sections of the companion guide provide the basics for understanding the background for the guide.

Section One consists of Purpose, Philosophy and the Tarot, Concepts and Beliefs, an introduction to Cycles and Rhythms and Threads through the Year.

Section Two has an introduction and overview of the four types of cards which are explained at the beginning of this section. There are two additional chapters that bring instructions for identifying card types and the processes for engaging the Tarot with step-by-step instructions. Drawings 1 and 2 are samples of layouts transformed into Spreads for interpretive reading. These drawings are found at the end of Chapter 6. There is a chapter identifying additional words and symbols.

Section Three holds 8 Chapters supporting the background for the descriptions and illuminations for every Zodiac and Numbered card in Section Four. The chapters begin by discussing the Human Cards, the four Elements, and the explanation of the Numbering system. The planets are discussed followed by illuminations of the varied aspects of the Goddess. The next chapters present the twelve virtues and the twelve senses, the chakras, the Houses, and the House details. There are three drawings and two charts and in this section.

Section Four leads with an overview for the Tarot card’s illuminations. Next, are the five Foundation cards and two explanatory chapters for the elemental Tarot groups. Chapter 19 holds the key illuminations in italics plus additional descriptions and any associated mythology. There are three charts at the end of this section.

This chapter also carries the 74 Tarot entries displaying the dates associated with that individual Tarot card as well as symbols for its number, element, planet(s), zodiac sign association, and a description of its constellation if it has one. Also included with the five Foundation Tarot card entries are the new names for these cards, the associated chakra, and metal. In addition to these seven associations, the 13 Zodiac Tarot card entries also contain a virtue, body sense, a triplicate, Yang or Yin, words in quotes, gemstone, and an associated daughter card.

The numbered card entries present their dates, number symbol, element, planet(s) associated Zodiac card and Goddess or God. There is also a description of its constellation if it has one. The chakra and home House is discussed.

Section Five Chapter 21 includes Stages of Life, and other threads throughout a lifetime. In this section is Drawing 6 FitzGerald’s Four Stages of Life.

Section Six Chapter 22 gives brief explanations for the Festivals and the Sidereal Festival Sequence of the Solar Year. Drawing 7 Sidereal Festival Sequence is in this section.

Section Seven holds six chapters and two drawings. There is a definition of Zodiac constellations and planetary influences and the roots of astrology. Next are notes on the development of playing cards and the Tarot and new assignments of the Houses for the Zodiac. Lastly, brief comments are presented for integrating the Zodiac with the Tarot and implications from the Goddess/feminine point of view. Special Note: Chapter 28 provides the most concise description of how this deck differs from all others.

Section Eight Chapter 29 presents the facts and processes for working with astrology.

Section Nine lists the Attributions for this guide.

Section Ten holds two loose double-sided cards of color illustrations, Author’s biography and Acknowledgements.

“SkyBlu recognizes the immediate importance to current and coming generations, and all genders of learning to put pieces of our cultural, metaphysical, and spiritual puzzle together in new ways. This Tarot and companion guide is a perfect system that can assist any seeker to teach themselves to see patterns and collaborations in Nature around and within them. Her “Journey from Cosmos to Earth’, is a masterpiece, a culmination of here 60 years of study and exploration of the feminine influences of two subjects, Astrology and Tarot, being dominated by men. She describes her work to be rooted in the non-gendered duality of the feminine and masculine from the point of view of the Goddess.”
– Quynn Red Mountain, Founder of the Web of Life Animist Church, Tucson AZ