Coming of Age


As a celebrant and minister, SkyBlu offers opportunities to co-create beautiful ceremonies in honor of the transitions we all experience through life’s journey. She officiates the event gently, holding a sacred space in love for you to be uniquely honored. Serving the greater Tucson area. (See Celebrations)

Another aspect of her practice is leading public ceremony and ritual to celebrate our human spiritual connections to nature, our ancestors, and the cosmos. (See Lunar & Solar Rituals)

A New Tarot!

This fresh work weaves Tarot and astrology with restored Goddess and animist cultures. In it, she provides guidance for Tarot readings, daily practice, support for seasonal ritual, and understanding of her corrections of historical biases. (See A New Tarot!).


SkyBlu, both an educator of thirty years and proprietor of Coming of Age, offers four publications on this website: the curricula Human Fertility and Middle School Issues, and the Rites of Passage Workbook, and Coming to the Threshold, Conversations about our Relationship to Death. SkyBlu also mentors adults and youth in support of these transitions. (See Products and Publications).

Preparing for the Final Threshold

There is great wisdom in preparing your own end of life decisions. Your present age doesn’t matter. SkyBlu can guide you to make the decisions needed and facilitate that your wishes are carried out at end of life. She can explain the documents required and once prepared can be updated as your life progresses. They can all be prepared by you with support. (See Coming To The Threshold)

SkyBlu is adept at sensitively co-creating ceremonies and memorials for you or your loved one. (See End of Life Services)