Coming to the Threshold,
Conversations on our Relationship to Death Workbook

The content of this workbook is adapted from fifteen one-hour public conversations hosted by the author with the Web of Life Sanctuary in Tucson, Arizona between February and the end of June 2020. Some of the topics included examining our relationship to death, to grief and loss; information about palliative and hospice care, and a historical review of funeral practices in the USA.

We discussed Covid-19 and death, compared Sigmund Freud and Matthew McCullough, looked at myth with the Caribou Inuit, and discussed Joseph Campbell’s relationship to death through the Power of Myth. We tackled Do Funeral’s Matter? in the book of that name by William G. Hoy. We reviewed the essay, The Coronation, by Charles Eisenstein. The last two sessions we dug deep into end of life decision making and actual legal documents.

This workbook includes all the resources and document forms you will need to make an end of life plan. There are questions to consider that address the discussion for each conversation. At the end of each of the last eleven conversations, I presented a visualization/meditation to close the session. There are six visualizations also included. See Publications and Products for more information.


Clearings Blessings

Clearings and Blessings

#1 adults celebrating youth

Adults Celebrating Youth

#2 couple

Pre-Nuptial Blessings

3 of us closeup


#3 moon

Lunar and Solar Celebrations